What We Do
Your buildings are living entities and there’s no time for them to be shut down. Our services are tailored to help keep your building assets operating at full capacity. Across Canada, coast to coast, we are here to help you.

National service with local expertise
You’re busy. In today’s fast-paced and connected world you have enough to deal with without worrying aboutyour contractors. Working with us is simple and standardized from coast to coast. Whether you require emergency repairs, service and re-roofing, or preventive maintenance, we make it easy and convenient.

Coast to Coast
To serve you best, we need to be where you are. So we have contractors throughout Canada, we can reach your buildings quickly, address your needs, and give you peace of mind.

Simplified Contact
You have many building assets. You require thousands of contractors. We simplify the procurement process by offering you a simple point of contact that puts you in command of our national roofing labour force.

Standardized Reporting
RCACI contractors provide you with complete, comprehensive, and intuitive reports that have been standardized so that they are easy to review and so that you can make better decisions more quickly.